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As a responsible and caring dog owner, we believe that you know enough about kennels, both indoor and outdoor. In this article, we shall focus on the outdoor types and discuss an area that many pet owners tend to get wrong: the flooring.

There are many types of kennel floorings out there, and some are especially suited for indoor use. So, if you choose this design for your outdoor kennel, you will end up with something that isn’t ideal for your dog. The result is a restless canine that wants nothing to do with his house.

In this piece, we shall look at the different outdoor dog kennel flooring options that you could try out.

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Factors to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Outdoor Flooring

Before we set down to look at the different outdoor dog kennel flooring options available, you need to keep in mind a couple of things. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

I) Safety

The kennel is supposed to be a safe space for your canine, and therefore, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize this aspect. If you know your dog has a habit of chewing any small object lying around, you should avoid flooring that comprises different pieces such as gravel and small rocks.

II) Size of the Kennel

Are you on a budget? If you are, knowing your kennel’s size could help you plan your flooring expenditure. Also, you will be aware of the amount of material you will need for the complete setup of the floor.

III) Heat-Resistance

We all know how hot the kennel can get during summertime, and if the flooring has poor heat resistance, the situation could become unbearable or even turn fatal. Luckily, most of the flooring options that we checked out in the market we labeled as heat-resistant.

You could also put a roof to act as a kennel floor covering to help in keeping things cool.

IV) Water-Resistance

Water-resistant flooring is an essential aspect of an outdoor dog kennel since the unit is likely to be exposed to urine, rain, and other spills. If the flooring is made of waterproof material, the kennel can be tolerable whenever it encounters extreme situations.

V) Comfort

The ultimate aim of building an outdoor dog kennel is to provide your canine with a safe and comfortable space to sleep in. So, consider creating a cushioned pad inside for it to sleep on.

In addition to that, you should designate a separate area with sand or gravel for his toileting needs. This would create a cleaner house for the canine to relax in.

And if you use a mat, ensure that it is not a dark-colored one as it would absorb heat and make the kennel too hot.

VI) Ease of Maintenance

Lastly, ensure that your choice of kennel flooring is not one that would give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning it. In this instance, you may consider getting removable flooring that would allow you to dispose of any dirt that had accumulated on it easily.

Outdoor Flooring Ideas

Let’s now look at the different outdoor kennel flooring options you can acquire for your canine’s housing.

Small Rocks

When we talk about small rocks as kennel flooring, we are referring to smoother materials such as round river rocks, sand pebbles, or pea gravel. These are items that are safe and would not be uncomfortable for the dog.

They are easy to use, and all you have to do is pour them into the kennel and level them.


This is the cheapest solution since it does not involve any installation costs. Further, it is friendly to the canine’s paws and remains cool even in the scorching summer heat.

However, your dog will get dirty easily while there is a chance of toxic weeds, plants, and insects being present in the dirt unless you are keen enough.

Concrete Flooring

If you go for this option, ensure that you slope it so that water can run down into a drain for easy cleaning. An advantage of concrete flooring is its durability and can help trim your pet’s nails.

However, it may get uncomfortable in extreme weather conditions.

Wooden Pallets

This flooring may involve some construction work, but it is undoubtedly a cost-effective option. You will especially enjoy working on this project if you are a DIYer.

Rubber Matting

Lastly, this type of flooring is easy to clean, gentle on the dog’s feet and is an excellent shock absorber. You can also customize them into whichever shape you want.

You should ensure that you get a type of flooring that can withstand a lot of sunlight without fading.

Closing Remark

With that, we hope you have found a good flooring idea for your outdoor dog kennel. Just ensure that you keep your budget and kennel’s size in mind and also go for something that would not give you a hard time maintaining it. Most of all, your dog’s comfort should be the top priority.

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