5 Things To Do Before Getting a Puppy

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Sometimes we follow our impulses and do not stop to think about the responsibility that comes with acquiring a pet. That is why it is very important to keep in mind certain things to know before getting a puppy.

Before adopting a puppy you should be aware of taking care of a puppy for the rest of his life and giving him the best care. The costs of getting a pet can be quite high regarding the process of Licenses, training classes, sterilization and castration, veterinary care, brushing, toys, food, and other expenses are things that add up quickly.

According to my experience, I am recommending you some key tips to give the best welcome to a puppy:

Give Attention To Puppy

This is the first thing that we should consider. Dogs, like other pets, require time and attention. But when we talk about puppies attention, we must remember that they need more attention owner than any other animals since we have to take them out and train them every day several times. If you or your family are not willing to, then it is better to think of another pet that is easier to attend.

It is advisable to establish standards that must be fulfilled from the first day by all members of the family. If you have children at home, especially young children, and if they come after the dog, we recommend paying more attention to the dog when the child is present. Despite this dog should never be alone with a small child because no one is responsible for their behavior. Most behavioral problems tend to occur when people choose a puppy because of its aesthetics rather than its genetics and temperament. Although, having a dog is highly recommended for families with children since they provide fun, companionship and a lot of love.

Buy Or Adopt?

Taking into account this suggestion, it is always better to adopt than buy. Knowing this, many times the question that arises is whether there will be any difference in the education of a puppy if we adopt it or buy it. The differences can exist if the dog has spent the first 2 months with his mother and with the rest of the litter or has not been like this.

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In this sense, in the case of dogs after 3 months, what influences is the treatment and socialization they have had, Which does not imply that a purchased dog is better than an adopted one. In many cases, the dogs in stores or breeders with bad practices, have greater predispositions to have behavioral problems than dogs adopted in a protective treated by personnel with sufficient training.

Basic Needs For Puppy

To cover the basic needs of our puppy will require external elements to help us take care of it. In the case of dogs should have prepared a feeder and a drinker appropriate for puppy size, a basket or a cushion where our puppy can sleep comfortably, a strap and a necklace or harness to go out for a walk, treats for when we want to show something, for example, to urinate on the street. And of course do not forget two essential elements, especially when they are puppies: a lot of patience and a lot of love.

Select quality interactive toys for your puppy, investment in quality toys free from problems of destruction, anxieties, etc. Also, you have to take into account that you have a space at home where a puppy can do the needs before our puppy learns to do it on the street. For this, it is important to take into account other advice, to move as far as possible the place of rest and food, from the place where you have to do your needs.

Teach Him Respect

A puppy needs to bite, play, interact with others of the same species and with humans (the latest studies show a predisposition of dogs to interact with people on interaction with their own species), etc. and if we do not provide them with tools to meet these needs, they may pay for it with us or with our furniture. For this, it is best to give alternatives. Everything will be fine as long as you have something better to bite than our shoes.

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It is important that our pet is well educated since we go with it to countless places and you never know what situations will arise. We must ensure that our dog is under control at all times to avoid dangerous situations for him or for other people or animals. If you dare, you can do it yourself. If you do not dare, there are schools where they can help you.

Choose A Suitable Name

Dogs also have their own language, so if we have a trainer to translate what they mean by their gestures we will avoid misunderstandings. Another important point is the choice of the name, which according to the expert should be short, it will be much easier for the puppy to learn to assimilate and react to him.

As for the words or signals we want to teach a puppy, this will be the best moment, and as the puppy go through one of the most important stages of their lives between 7 and 12 weeks of age. It is when they have a ‘sponge’ in the brain, and everything they live during that stage will influence them from that moment.

Wrapping Up!

We must be aware that when we welcome an animal in our house we are committed to taking care of it forever. So you have to consider some things to do before getting a puppy which will happen in the future. Many people do not take into account the things to know before getting a puppy for adorable little puppies and adult dogs, sometimes large. Keep in mind if you are going to be able to take charge of the animal and make it lead a decent life before adopting a puppy. In addition, the most important thing is that you choose the one that most resembles your lifestyle.

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