How To Raise Turkeys

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If You ever want to learn how to raise turkeys for profit, or for meat, then you should read this article to the end.

This is an updated and very comprehensive list on everything you need to know on raising turkeys, what they need to be fed with and how to ensure that your birds are well taken care of.

1. Can Turkeys and Chickens Live Together?

If you want to raise turkeys and chickens together in your farm, then there are certain things that you need to be aware off.

In this article I go in depth and tell you all you need to know.

Can turkeys and chickens live together?

2. Do Turkeys Drown in the Rain?

Want to know if turkeys drown in the rain?

Is that a myth or just something people joke about? I wrote an article here answering this question.

Do turkeys drown in the rain?

3. Can wild turkeys fly?

Ever wondered if wild turkeys can fly?

Do they have feathers and what are they used for?

Here is an article I wrote answering this question

Can wild turkeys fly?

4. Do turkeys lay eggs?

Turkeys are like most birds and you definitely want to know if they can lay eggs.

As someone who raises birds, you want to sell the eggs for profit or to use for your family to eat.

Do turkeys lays eggs?

5. How do turkeys mate?

Want to know how turkeys mate? Then you should be reading this article I just wrote showing you all that happens

How do turkeys mate?

6. Do turkeys have teeth?

Ever wondered if turkeys have teeth and how they eat?

Turkeys have been known to peck at foods and then break it into smaller pieces with their teeth.

Do turkeys have teeth?

7. Do turkeys eat meat?

If you keep turkeys for profit, then you definitely want to know how to feed them and what they eat.

Meat is a common thing you can feed your birds, but do they eat it?

Do turkeys eat meat

8. Can turkeys see color?

Can all birds see color? What about turkeys?

Birds such as turkeys have very good eyesight and they can see different colors

Can turkeys see color

9. Do turkeys eat ticks?

Ticks and parasites can cause a lot of damage to your farm if you do not take care.

Having turkeys in your farm can help you get rid of such animals

Do turkeys eat ticks

10. Do turkeys have tails?

Turkeys have tails. Do you know this and their tails have different uses

Here is an article I wrote on turkeys and their tails

Do turkeys have tails

11. Why do turkeys gobble?

Do you know why turkeys gobble?

Read this article to learn more

Why do turkeys gobble

12. Do turkeys have ears?

If you have always wondered about turkeys and their ability to hear, then you should read this article.

I answer the question and go in-depth about turkeys and their hearing.

Do turkeys have ears

13. Do turkeys make good pets?

Would you like to keep turkeys as pets? Before you do that, then you need to read and study this article that tells you all you need to know about turkeys and keeping them as pets.

Do turkeys make good pets

14. Why do turkeys puff up?

Ever seen a turkey puff up and spread the feathers?

Wondered what it means and if its a sign of affection?

Well, here is an article that answers this question and tells you all you need to know

Why do turkeys puff up

15. Do turkeys have beards?

If you have observed turkeys, you will notice they have something hanging down their necks.

Most people refer to it as a beard but it has a name

Here is an article I wrote explaining what it is and the importance

Do turkeys have beards

16. Do turkeys need a coop?

If you plan to raise turkeys for profit, then you should be thinking of a coop.

In this article I explain more about turkeys and coops and the types of coop to get, with designs and tips.

Do turkeys need a coop

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