What Happens if a Dog Eats a Frog

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Pets are spontaneous animals and are often available to do the least expected. Dogs roam in the compound where they encounter tiny creatures that have made the small bushes around the lawn as their territory.

When dogs exercise their roaming freedom, they encounter many animals coming to enjoy the morning sun. One of these animals that dogs may not wish to encounter is the frog because they tend to risk the dog’s life.

What Happens, When Your Dog Eat Frog?

Are Frogs Poisonous to Dogs

Since dogs have no clue on what to eat and avoid. A jumpy frog can easily find its way inside the dogs’ mouth, which was mistaken to be a chew toy. The direct answer to this question is NO. However, hoping creatures can pose some dangers to the dog.

What Makes Frogs Dangerous to Dogs

A frog’s skin will react by releasing some bitter tasting and strong odor that creates a burning sensation to the eyes and nostrils. The venom can be toxic to your pets and can be deadly if left unattended.

The threat is still present when the toad is dead or if the dog was taking stagnant water where a frog was playing. When such a thing takes place, treat the dog for possible poisoning as it could threaten your dog’s life.

The poisonous excretion coming from the frog has some steroid compounds otherwise known as the bufotoxins or bufadienolides. The two compounds are located in the frog’s gland and skin.

The compounds are hallucinogenic and cause adverse effects in dogs. The most surprising thing is that it is free from what dogs go through even after picking the frog.

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What are the Signs that Your Dog Came into Contact with a Frog?

The devastating effect coming from the frog’s excretion may lead to serious negative changes in your dog’s health. The most affected areas are the stomach and the oral cavity. Here are the symptoms that should lead you to the veterinary office.

  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Excessive drooling
  • Hyperthermia
  • Yellow vomit
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Diarrhea
  • Foaming from the mouth
  • Dilated pupils

The moment you notice any of these signs, rate them as danger and rush to the vet’s clinic.

Protecting Your Dog/Pet

Dogs are automatically part of the entire family because we have managed to live with them for many centuries. It is important to make sure that your dog lives in a safe environment.

Follow the following steps to keep your dogs free from frogs:

  • Flush the dog’s mouth with water
  • Rub the dog’s gums with your hand to remove any slime left behind
  • Contact the veterinarian clinic immediately

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Final Words

It is vital that you keep your lawn safe for both pets and humans. You can involve the local pest control office for the best way of handling the frog menace. Frogs tend to stay near water bodies; therefore, your dog is likely to encounter them hopping along the yard.

  Not all frog species are poisonous, but if it encounters the wrong kind, the secretions can turn deadly and kill your favorite pet if no treatment is given.

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