What Kind of Food Bowl for English Bulldog?

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If you own an English Bulldog, choosing the right food bowl can make a difference in your dog’s health. You see, like many other dog breeds, English bulldogs also love to eat, even when they are not hungry.

While there are plenty of dog bowls to choose from, not every bowl may be ideal for your pup. This is because English bulldogs have a unique facial structure, sensitive skin folds, and large-sized heads.

So, what kind of food bowl for English Bulldog is the best? In this article, we are going to discuss the steps on how to choose the right feeding bowl for your bulldog.

Step One

For starters, don’t be tempted to choose a dog bowl based on how beautiful it looks. Generally, plastic and ceramic food bowls tend to have cute designs that make them appealing to buy.

Unfortunately, because of their designs, the bowls can become breeding grounds for bacteria. The bacteria may then get to your dog’s skin folds and wrinkles causing them to be sick.

Step Two

Rather than buying plastic or ceramic bowls, you should consider stainless steel dog bowls. These types of bowls are easy to clean and hygienic. Therefore, if properly cleaned, you don’t have to worry about bacterial.

Not to mention, they are very long-lasting and are available in many sizes and designs.

Step Three

Some English bulldogs tend to eat fast while others are aggressive with food. Of course, some eat at slow speeds.

Unfortunately, when your dog eats too fast, he gets to swallow a large amount of air. As a result, he may develop gas on his stomach. So, to prevent bloating, it’s advisable to buy a slow feeder bowl for your pup.

But if your canine loves to mess with his food whenever he is eating, then you should get a mess-freed bowl.

Step Four

The faces of English bulldogs are quite unique. Generally, they have flat-shaped faces. For this reason, food bowls with many folds or edges may not be suitable for them. The edges can interfere with his nose during feeding.

Therefore, the right bowl for your canine should be elevated. This way, it won’t strain its neck or spinal cord while eating. But if you don’t have an elevated bowl, you can get a stand to help you raise the bowl.

Step Five

English bulldogs are known to have breathing difficulties. So, getting a bowl that is big enough is a must.

Your puppy might only be 6 months old but his head size is that of most full-grown adult dogs. So, if you get a small bowl, it might make it hard for the pup to breathe easily.

Ideally, you can choose to carry your bully to the store with you when going to buy a feeding bowl. Or, simply ask your vet about what kind of food bowl for English bulldog is the best to buy.

 Bottom Line

Most people think that a bowl is just a bowl. However, this is not true when it comes to your English Bulldog. Using the wrong feeding bowl can affect the health of your bulldog and cause other serious issues. So, you must choose the right food bowl.

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