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Just like you, your German shepherd has to feed to stay alive. The problem is that the dog is known to be curious and will most likely cause a mess when feeding.

Now, some people have no problem with that but if you are the kind of dog parent that loves order and neatness, you may want to invest in a food bowl for your German shepherd.

You will also be pleased to learn that the right kind of bowl also encourages healthier feeding. The biggest question here would be what kind of bowl should you get for your German shepherd? We have an answer for you so keep it here for that.

The Buying Guide

First, you want to keep in mind that your pooch can feed from any bowl you pick for them but if you want the best experience, you need to consider several factors before making your purchase. These factors include:

Dog’s Face Configuration

We do not need to tell you that your dog will use their mouth to feed which is obviously located on the face. Now, when it comes to the face structure of the German shepherd, you want to avoid using bowls that have many folds or edges.

That is because such features get in the way of their nose as they feed which can agitate them and force them to make a mess.

Size of Dog

The German shepherd can be a medium to large-sized dog. That means you need to get a feeding bowl that matches their size.

Failure to do that and you run the risk of underfeeding or overfeeding them. You do not want that, do you?

Dog’s Temperament

Naturally, dogs are curious creatures and they tend to bite and scratch on whatever they come across. However, some dogs are calm and reserved.

In that regard, you want to study your dog’s habits before buying a bowl for them. If you are one of the lucky few dog owners whose pets are well-behaved, then you can get a bowl made from any material.

However, if your dog likes to explore and is mostly aggressive, you want to pick a bowl made from durable material that can withstand their habits. Stainless steel makes a good option.

Dog’s Feeding Speed

Just like humans, dogs can be slow or fast eaters. If your German shepherd falls in the latter category, they will often swallow huge amounts of air that consequently cause gas in their digestive system.

To that effect, you may want to go for a slow feeder to slow down their eating speed so that you can avoid such issues.

Final Thoughts

We bet that you do not want to clean up messes created by your pooch all the time. Nevertheless, dogs have a way of doing that especially when they are eating.

Getting the perfect food bowl for them can control the untidiness and messiness that happens whenever they feed. We believe you have the correct information to make the right choice with this guide at your disposal. Go ahead and do that won’t you?

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