What Kind of Grooming Tools I Need for My Great Pyrenees Dogs

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The Great Pyrenees is known as a livestock guard dog. What does that tell you? Simply that the dog can get extremely dirty. You also have to keep in mind that their hair grows and is prone to matting and tangling.

Other than that, their nails grow making them a danger to your property simply because they and cause a lot of damage with such.

In that regard, you need a few grooming tools to help you keep your dog in top condition. But, what kind of tools do you need?

Let us get right into that, shall we?

A Grooming Rake

When it comes to grooming tools for Great Pyrenees, a rake will come in handy. This tool performs exceedingly well when it comes to getting into the undercoat of your dog and detangling it.

A grooming rake loosens mats and tangles so that you can easily comb your dog’s hair without causing them too much pain.

That said; you want to ensure that the rake does not cut your dog’s fur or hurt their skin. It should come with an ergonomic and comfortable handle that will make it easier for you to do the detangling.

Dog Conditioner

How can you get your dog’s fur to be whiter? Sure, Great Pyrenees have self-cleaning coats but you cannot rely on that. You want to ensure that your dog is properly groomed.

A good conditioner works to remove tangles and mats from your dog’s coat, as well as repel dirt and add shine to the coat.

Conditioner also works to reduce hair coarseness and that makes it easier to comb. As if that is not enough, some conditioners work to lock in moisture in your dog’s skin so that it does not end up irritated.

Nail Clipper

Who likes a dog with long unkempt nails? Name one;we will wait. Anyway, a pair of nail clippers will help you get rid of those unsightly nails from your pooch.

Nails can also be used to scratch on things and cause damage so you see why it is important to have clippers in your grooming kit.

A Slicker Brush

After using a rake on your dog’s coat, you need a good slicker brush to smooth the coat as well as eliminate any loose fur.

You see, loose hairs can cause respiratory issues for you or your family members and you do not want that. Consider getting a slicker brush that is self-cleaning because just by pushing a single button, its bristles will retract making it easier to remove loose fur from your dog’s coat.

A Massager

Now, the first thing we need to tell you here is that dog massagers are not common. However, it is a great idea to get one for your pooch.

With a massager, you can stimulate your dog’s blood circulation as well as make them feel more relaxed. Grooming also involves that, wouldn’t you agree?

A pair of Scissors

As a dog owner, you can agree with us that extremely long dog hair is likely to tangle thus causing problems when it comes to grooming.

With a pair of scissors, you get to easily trim your dog’s long hair so that you have an easier and simpler time when grooming.

A Toothbrush

Yes, you read that right! Dogs need to have their teeth brushed too. Most dog owners find it easy to overlook that, but since dogs feed, why shouldn’t have their teeth brushed?

Get a toothbrush that is specifically designed for their teeth to ensure that your dog’s teeth remain healthy and clean.

Final Thoughts

Any dog parent worth their salt knows that their pooch needs regular grooming not just for aesthetic purposes, but for health reasons as well.

Of course, you can choose to go the professional way and have someone else do it or you, but that comes at an extra cost. A steep one if we may add.

To counter that, you may want to get yourself a couple of basic grooming tools that will not only help you cut down on costs but bond with your pooch as well. All the tools we have talked about will help you have an easier time grooming your dog so consider getting them separately or as a kit.

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