What Kind of Stair Treads Do You Use for Your Dogs?

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One of the benefits of a staircase is the aesthetic value that they bring to your home. Depending on the design you go for, a stylish staircase can transform how beautiful your house is.

However, when it comes to your pet, this structure could present a catastrophe in waiting since your canine could easily come tumbling down. Not only that, but the elderly dogs that normally suffer from joint and hip issues would have a hard time finding their way to the top.

In this article, we shall present you with different stair treads that you may safely use for your canines. Walk with us to find out more.

Benefits of Using Stair Treads for Dogs

There are several reasons why we believe you should install stair treads for your dogs. They include:

  • Straightforward DIY installation
  • Add a safety aspect to your staircase
  • They are gentle on your pet’s paws
  • Customizable in terms of shapes and sizes
  • Do not damage your stairs in any way
  • Besides the pets, your home will also be safer for other family members

The Different Types of Stair Treads for Dogs

Let’s now look at the stair treads that you could set up in your home so that your furry friend can have an easy time navigating the staircase.

I) Wood Treads

The first thing you need to consider before going for wood treads is whether you intend to have it for indoor or outdoor use. This is because there are wood species that do not cope well under external weather elements.

Some of the tree species that you can go for to boost your décor’s beauty include Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, and Walnut.

II) Composite Treads

Next up are composite treads whose main advantage is their durability and how easy they are to maintain. Some of the reasons why they last for so long is because they are fade, scratch and mold-resistant.

III) Tile Treads

This is another type of stair tread that you can go for, and you will be pleased with the beauty and durability it offers. Further, they do not require regular maintenance since they do not decay, nor do they attract insects.

IV) Indoor Non-Slip Stair Treads

With this option, you can rest assured that all users, including pets, kids, and the elderly, will be safe on it since their chances of slipping would all but be eliminated.

V) Adhesive Carpet Tape

This is the section of the stair mat that holds it tightly onto the stair surface. It provides the extra grip needed to ensure that the stair treads’ bottom is non-slip.

Closing Remark

Although all the options of stair treads that we have checked out above are generally safe, you should always take extra precautions to ensure that your canine would not hurt himself while navigating his way through the staircase.

We also advise that you go for an alternative that is durable and easy to maintain so that you do not incur hefty costs to keep it in good condition. With that, we hope that you can find stair treads that would be suitable for your pets and the rest of the household.

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