What Type of Mulch Is Best for Dogs?

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One creative way of maintaining your garden is by using mulch, which serves to keep the soil hydrated and suppress the growth of weeds. In addition to that, mulch may also make your garden to be more appealing to the eye.

However, if you are a dog owner, you will have to consider getting the mulch safe for the canine. In case you did not know, some mulches are toxic, and if your dog happens to chew on them, you will have a significant health crisis in your hands.

So, what kind of mulch is best for dogs? Walk with us to find out.

The Pet Unsafe Mulches

Let’s start our discussion by checking out the mulches that would be dangerous for your canine. In this section, we shall look at specific types which if your furry friend happens to consume them, he might be plagued with issues such as allergies, food poisoning, and gastrointestinal obstructions.

Here are a few of them:

I) Cocoa Mulch

This type is made out of cocoa shells and is quite popular among gardeners globally. It contains an element called theobromine which is toxic and may pose a health hazard to your canine.

II) Pine Needle Mulch

Next up is another popular option of gardening mulch which, if swallowed, may cause a lot of damage to your canine’s stomach lining.

III) Treated Lumber

If you turn treated lumber into mulch and your canine happens to consume it, he will likely experience skin rashes and other respiratory problems.

Note that:

1. Whenever your dog gets lonely or bored, he will chew on whatever is in front of him. That’s their nature. So, it would be wise if you avoided mulches with larger chunks as they made up, causing obstructions in the digestive system when swallowed.

2. Also, whenever you add new mulches, watch out for any potential allergic reactions such as skin rashes or wheezing and replace the mulch if needed.

Safe Mulches for Dogs

Now that you know which mulch you should avoid, we are now going to point out the safe ones for your canine. Here they are:

I) Untreated Wood Mulch

The main advantage of this type of mulch is that it is free of dyes and other toxic elements that are harmful to your pet and the surrounding.

II) Cypress Mulch

You could also go for this option widely used in many landscaping designs and would not pose any harm to your canine.

III) Cedar Mulch

Lastly, cedar mulch is an option that you should consider very strongly due to its pet-friendliness. This safety is mainly due to the fine shredding that makes the fibers digestible in case they are swallowed.

In addition to the safety aspect, cedar mulch is also known to repel bugs, making it beneficial to your garden.

IV) Black Plastic Sheets

Although this type will do the job of suppressing weeds and retaining moisture, it may also make it hard for water to get to the soil in the first place.

V) Rubber

This is a type of synthetic mulch that is non-toxic, non-porous, and easy to clean. It is mainly made from recycled shoe soles and tires, and you need to lay gravel and under the mulch to provide natural drainage and prevent water pooling.

Final Thought

Although mulch helps improve the soil condition in your garden, it may also pose a risk to the animals around your household if it contains toxic elements. We know it is almost impossible to prevent your canine from chewing everything in front of it, and so it is up to you to ensure that everything around him is safe.

We have provided you with the pet-safe and unsafe mulches so that you know what to avoid and what to go for and keep your pets safe. In the end, both your plants and pets will benefit from the mulch.

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