When Can an American Bully Puppy Eat Normal Dog Food?

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Puppies are tender and balanced nutrition is one way to maintain a healthy and lean body. American bully is amongst the medium size breeds with good temperaments so that owners keep them for aesthetic reasons.

When buying a puppy, the build of the shoulders, knees, paw to shoulder length, and top-line are important. You can only maintain the right posture of your dog in the adult hood if you feed him right during the transition.

Let’s look at the important mineral components of American bully puppy food.

Components of food for a transitioning puppy

The bully puppies grow fast and actively. You need to watch out for the quantities and frequency of feeding to maintain a lean body. Feeding them accurate ratios should avoid weight issues, yet maintain your pup’s build. Ensure that these minerals feature in your puppy’s diet.

1. Protein

High protein diets rich in raw meat, eggs, and fish proportions serve well for your puppy. A 30% proportion of protein ensures proper body formation, skin and bone development.

2. Carbohydrates

Growth is active at this stage. Your puppy needs lots of energy to maintain body strength and for exercise requirements. Corn, rice, and sweet potato diets serve well at this stage. Experts recommend a 40-60% diet to support his energy needs.

3. Fats

Bully puppies have rounded shoulders and muscular leg muscles that they need in their adult stage. Diets with up to 20% animal and fish oils provide the necessary omega fats for smooth skin and lean muscle development. They need to maintain their chubby look which looks good for their breed.

4. Calcium

This mineral is important for bone and teeth development. Since they need solid food at transitioning, soft bones and fish products provide enough calcium for strong teeth and bone formation. Lack of calcium may lead to protruding puppy knees, which is not a good sign when buying.

5. Vitamins and antioxidants

Since their immune system is developing, a vegetarian and fruity diet should help boost their disease-fighting mechanism. Raw diets also make up for this proportion, apart from their mother’s milk.

Which Dog Foods Suit a Transitioning American Bully Puppy?

A four to six weeks normal puppy has teeth developing. So, you will introduce him to soft solid foods instead of milk formula only. However, does normal dog food affect puppies at this stage?

Let me explain. Puppies may have digestibility and constipation problems. Yet, some diets rich in fiber and enzyme soluble proteins can still serve puppy meals. Our experts recommend some of these foods in the American bully puppy’s recipe. Have a look.

1. Raw and soft bone meat

Your canine friend traces back to his wild relatives. Meat cravings and habits are normal and so meat should be part of his diet. Hold soft bones for him to tear meat pieces using his young teeth. This is one way to strengthen his canines while also exercising his neck muscles.

It is also a way to supply protein and fats for his growth.

2. Homemade cooked meal

While it is not easy to decipher exactly what he needs, the American bully food recipe can guide you. In this recipe, expert vets give guidance on the feeding needs of the bully family.

Besides that, you can get direction from any neighbor or friend with knowledge of the same.

3. Premium dog foods for puppies

Depending on the feeding habits of your puppies, you can order their food from a vet’s store or online. It is necessary to get it from a physical store so that in case of any problems, it is easy to follow up.

Dog foods in this category can be dry kibbles or wet dog foods that come with directions on the frequency of feeding and amounts.

Most importantly, the American bully puppy food chart should guide you on the feeding ratios depending on the weight of your puppies. You don’t have to overfeed them as this breed has high chances of developing obesity. On the contrary, consider the food costs before you plan on the best dog food for your puppies.

Moreover, food allergies are real. If you notice your American bully puppy not eating or with diarrhea, these are signs he is not responding well. Let a vet guide you when transitioning your bully puppies.

Wrap Up

If you need a healthy-looking adult with the right build, you should consider feeding him properly at the right stage. Other than that, dog exercise and training should help him maintain lean muscle and build. A balanced meal should also help with skin, bone, and overall formation in your bully puppies.

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