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When we acquire dogs for our homes, we usually do so for the sake of a different type of companionship. As time goes by, a strong bond develops between the two parties, and we end up considering them as family.

For this reason, we want nothing but the best for them, including utmost safety. One area of concern is the mulch that we use for our yards, whereby if you use toxic substances to form the mulch, you may end up harming your canine.

We want your pet to be by your side for the longest period, and that is why we shall guide you on how you can acquire the safest yard mulch for your pet.

Read on to find out more.

Factors to Consider Before Acquiring Pet-Safe Mulch for your Yard

It is a dog’s nature to chew on anything that it can, and this means that it will do the same to your yard mulch at some point. So, to ensure that your dog remains safe, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

They include:

The larger the mulch, the more it is likely to be a choking hazard

If you decide to use mulch that mainly comprises large pieces and your dog starts chewing it, there is a huge possibility that it may choke him. Therefore, consider using chips and fines as mulch to eliminate this concern.

Watch out for Pesticides

It is normal to spray pesticides onto your backyard to deal with different types of pests and weeds. There is a possibility for these chemicals to get to the mulch which your dog would chew on.

In this instance, we advise that you use pesticides whose composition primarily contains natural ingredients.

Try to Go Natural

In general, natural options of mulch are safer than those that which has been treated with chemicals. So, it would be wise if you take the safer route.

Best Mulch for use in Yards with Dogs

Now, we shall look at a few types of mulch that would be safe for use in a yard with dogs. They include:

I) Stone/Rock Mulch

This is the safest mulch for pets since there is nothing attractive about their taste for the canine to start chewing them. Further, since they are relatively heavy, the pet will not move it around easily.

Lastly, they do not harbor any weird plants or diseases.

II) Sawdust and Wood Chips

Wood chips and sawdust mulch is also a safe option for pets, although it depends on the tree it came from. In most instances, the sawdust or wood chips used have been obtained from products that have weathered for a while, which kills any toxins that may be present.

III) Cedar Mulch

Since it is finely shredded, cedar mulch is entirely pet-friendly since it can be easily digested if the canine ingests them.

IV) Untreated Wood Mulch

It lacks dyes and chemicals, which would have made it unsafe for pets.

V) Rubber Mulch

Although this type poses the risk of gastrointestinal obstruction in case it is swallowed, it is the most durable option you may find. Further, it lacks any attractive smell that may attract the dog to chew on it.

Wrapping It Up

We understand the importance of finding the perfect mulch for your yard. However, it is vital that you find one that would not pose any health risks for your pet. Our article presents you with the best and safest options that you may go for. Lastly, we hope you are successful in the long run in keeping your soil in good condition and protecting your pet at the same time.

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