Why Breakaway Collars are Important for Your Cat’s Safety

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Have you ever noticed that cats are adventurous? As much as you may try to keep him inside, he finds his way on shelves, drawers, and rooftops. You have to let him explore as it’s all-natural for him. Just like in dogs, cats need collars too. It is one way to identify a cat with a home or a stray one.

Breakaway collars are a perfect choice for cats and you shouldn’t risk letting them out without one. What security features make these collars reliable for your cat’s safety? Check this out.

Important Features of Breakaway Collars

Cat collars are not just impressive, but they also give them an identity. You can tag a personalized message, the pet parent’s name, or contact details on the collar so that in case your cat is missing, you can easily trace him down.

Besides that, young kittens are notorious for sticking their paws in their collars to remove them. However, since they are adjustable and the buckles open easily they’d escape the risk of neck strain or strangulation.

On the other hand, the right size should not harm your hound. Any collar that’s uncomfortable on a cat may cause fussiness. However, the right size should not cause discomfort. Overall, these collars should help avoid losses, fatalities, and gross injuries.

Does my cat need a collar if he carries a microchip?

The collar provides more information: it can be a contact number or address so that you can reach out to his residential address. Besides, whether he is an indoor or outdoor cat, he may go missing and the collar design is the best way to identify him from other street cats.

If it fits on him perfectly, let him have both as a means of identification.

A good breakaway collar

Should not be elastic

Elastic is not adjustable. It is one of the major causes of cat and dog deaths. Always invest in quality synthetic, nylon, or leather material for the best collar material.

Should not char your dog’s skin around the neck

A skin tear is painful. Always test for fitting before you release your cat in her collar. When your cat outgrows the collar, one or more replacements at hand should help deal with a painful neck.

Fits properly

Breakaway collars come in various sizes for kittens or senior cats. Ensure that you pick the right size for either a kitten or adult to avoid cases of slipping off during training.

Should have high-quality easy-to-release buckles

Breakaway collars have a square buckle and a smoothed prong. Hard plastic or metal buckles are used to secure the collar. The quick-release system should save your cats and kittens from neck strain in case of a confronting situation.

Ending Note

Breakaway collars are an important accessory for all cat owners. The right size collar should keep your cat free from the clutch of a branch or another animal. Most importantly, the right tag should identify him back to the parent. Check out our blogs for more information about the best cat collars for your little friend.

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