Why Does My Quail Call Out At Night? (Explained)

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Quails are common backyard birds that lay an abundance of eggs. They are generally quiet birds, but occasionally, and depending on the circumstances, a quail may generate persistent sounds that might become irritating, particularly at night.

In truth, this is very natural if one considers the quail as a living entity with social and physical needs that can express itself appropriately.

Quails’ noises are determined by various things, including whether they are happy or in the breeding season.

Therefore, prior to purchasing quails, it’s critical to grasp the distinction between male and female quails and the best way to provide them with a healthy living environment.

Do quails call at night?

Why Does My Quail Call Out At Night

Indeed, they do. Male quails are pretty vocal during the breeding season and might call for the majority of the night.

Why do quails call at night?

Generally, the numerous reasons for a quail’s nighttime noise are related to uneasiness or discomfort in its environment.

Still, the most common is quails calling out at night is mostly for mating purposes during the breeding season.

Quails are noisiest during their breeding seasons, which occur throughout the warmer months.

Therefore, unpaired adult males will begin calling ladies during this period to entice them to become their mates.

They perform some rituals and activities, including nibbling on food, lowering their heads, and puffing out their shoulders.

They will continue to act in this manner until a female decides to mate with them.

Male quails will call both during the day and occasionally at night when they have not found a mate.

The assumption is that the calls are louder at night and can travel a greater distance to the females.

 Another reason for quails to make noise at night could be that they are suspicious of an intruder.

When they encounter anything that makes them feel uneasy, they will scream out to inform the others, exactly like they would in the wild.

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Are quails active at night?

Quails are capable of brief flights but spend the majority of their time on the ground.

The majority of quails do not move, preferring to remain in one place throughout their life.

They usually glide to the earth. Depending on the species, they might be diurnal, meaning they are active during the day, or nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. 

Are quails noisy?

Quails are not noisy, yet they are not entirely silent either.

Since quails are little game birds, their calls are frequently quiet and mix in with other birds.

The males are pretty loud during mating seasons and will call for a good portion of the night, although the females are quieter.

For instance, if you’re considering getting Coturnix quail, they’re relatively quiet, and the noise they do make is pretty lovely.

Additionally, when quails are overcrowded, they are more inclined to create noise, so try to space out your birds as much as possible.

Allow each bird 1 square foot of space to move freely and readily reach their food and water cans.

Female quails are more subdued and make sounds only when interacting with their male mate or when mating.

Females may also be nervous about laying their eggs, particularly in the absence of nesting boxes.

Why do quails scream?

When isolated from covey members, both male and female Gambel’s Quail make a characteristic three–four-note call.

A chip-chip-chip signal indicates the presence of potential threats or something suspicious near the covey, and if a direct threat arises, the birds produce a clear-crear or squawk alarm sound as they take flight.

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Do male quails crow?

Yes. While male quails do crow, it is nothing like the noise made by roosters.

Male quails often have a delicate, soft crow that they utilize to attract female quails’ attention.

Male quail crows in a manner similar to that of a wild songbird. These are often pretty lovely sounds that are unlikely to annoy you or your neighbors.

Male quails also chirp and till, although these sounds are not extreme. In addition, males will chunter and crow in order to attract females for food.

The crow’s volume is determined by the quail. Certain individuals have gentle crows, while others belt them out.

On the other hand, the loudest crow is far from as loud as a fowl rooster crow.

What sounds do quails make? 

Chi-ca-go Sound

Typically, this sound is generated by Californian quail. It is typically used to communicate with and rally the birds.

Typically, the sound is made when a covey is preparing to depart from its current site.

This sound is also produced when a bird becomes separated from its flock. It makes the sound repeatedly for the others to hear and respond to his plea.


Californian quails make this sound. It indicates that it is alerting other quails to impending danger.

California quails communicate with their partners using short shrill sounds made by the male and the Chi-ca-go call made by the female.

Gambel’s three- to four-note call

The Gambel quail emits this sound, especially when they are separated from their covey members.

Chip-chip-chip Sound

When a bird perceives probable danger, he promptly sounds the chip-chip-chip call to inform other birds and covey members.

Crear-crear Sound

This is the Gambel’s distress call, indicating that trouble is approaching. Then, when they must conceal themselves or take flight, they make the crear-crear-clear sound or squawk.

Kaw Sound

The Gambel male quail employs the kaw or cow call to communicate his availability and readiness to mate with the female.

Gambel quails are well-known for perching in tree branches from which they make their courtship call.

Following this, they engage in a variety of additional behaviors until the female quail is impressed and enables them to mate.

Quails can also communicate through song, mainly when they are not visible to one another. Occasionally, a male quail will initiate the singsong, followed by other males.


As a poultry farmer, quails are excellent birds to raise.

To keep these birds happy, learn about their wants and behaviors; then, enjoy their very healthy eggs and meat.

You may choose to listen to the sounds of quails before keeping them in your backyard.

You can search online about quails behavior and lifestyle before deciding to breed some.

They will call out at night. It is in their nature.

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