Why Plant Rose Mary By Your Garden Gate? (Explained)

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As an amateur gardener, you might have seen people recommending planting rosemary by your garden gate.

You may be wondering the reason for this. Rosemary is a plant with a strong aroma. 

When you plant rosemary by your garden gate, the aroma serves to confuse and deter pests from your garden plants and vegetables.

This way, the Rosemary plant saves you a lot of stress. It is an important plant to have in your garden.

Let us discuss the best place to plant rosemary, what the plant symbolizes, and whether they need sun or shade amongst other questions you might have.

Should You Have A Rosemary Plant By Your Garden Gate?

Why Plant Rose Mary By Your Garden Gate

Rosemary is an extremely attractive plant with a distinct hue that makes it easy to identify from any angle.

If you are questioning whether rosemary should be planted beside the garden gate, the answer is yes. 

It makes it incredibly simple to repel bugs and critters. Because rosemary produces a potent perfume, it can prevent pests and animals such as deer and rabbits.

Insects dislike the odor and would rather retreat. The pungent perfume of rosemary can deceive pests that are attempting to invade a garden. 

In addition, they are hardy perennials that require little care and have the potential to live between 10 to 15 years with proper care.

It does not need to be everywhere in your garden for it to be beneficial. Simply place it at the entrance of the gate, and you will realize how extraordinary the herb is.

Rosemary serves as a natural pesticide. With that, you do not have to spend resources to get various materials to ward off different categories of pests in the garden. 

Where Is The Best Place To Put Rosemary?

Not everyone would want to plant their rosemary by their garden gate.

It is not a necessity however and you can plant your rosemary in whatever spot you prefer.

You should always plant your rosemary in a spot which will be beneficial and advantageous to you.

Also, watch where you plant your rosemary. It thrives in areas that receive direct sunlight with at least 6 hours of sunlight.

You should also plant your rosemary in soil that is sandy, stony, and well-drained. This is because the plant cannot endure constant wetness. Waterlogging may cause it to die. 

As such, choose a suitable area of your garden to plant the rosemary and watch it grow effortlessly.

What Does Rosemary Symbolize?

Rosemary has been utilized by people from all around the world over the centuries. In ancient times, rosemary was utilized as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of illnesses.

Rosemary continues to be used in cooking and has numerous health advantages.

It is very prominent in symbolism and has various meanings for many individuals. In numerous traditions, rosemary represents love, devotion, and longevity. 

It is also said to ward against negative energies. Some individuals place it beneath their pillows to sleep better at night. 

As a show of respect and remembering, rosemary sprigs are placed in the hands of the departed in many cultures.

Others believe it can be utilized to speak with the deceased. The rosemary plant is one that has a lot of spiritual meanings. These can be interpreted based on culture and tradition.

Does Rosemary Bring Good Luck?

Rosemary is one of the plants associated with good luck in a lot of cultures. Numerous individuals have utilized this herb to enhance their fortune over the years.

The Ancient Romans and Middle Ages Europeans utilized this rosemary for protection and good fortune. 

In various cultures, rosemary is employed as a good-luck enhancer and energy purifier. They used this herb to safeguard their houses and ward off evil spirits.

In fact, it is believed to be fortunate to grow rosemary outside one’s front entrance.

There is another reason for you to plant Rosemary at your garden gate. Since it brings good luck, it will ensure the critters are kept out.

Rosemary will also ensure your garden stays beautiful and appealing all year round. 

What Does Rosemary Mean In The Bible?

Rosemary represents remembering, friendship, and affection.

When fleeing from Herod’s soldiers, it was said that the Virgin Mary put her blue garment on a rosemary bush, causing the flowers to turn blue.

The rosemary plant was also popular in the area during the time of Joseph and Mary.

It would have been useful in a lot of rituals such as weddings and burials.

Till today, Christians use Rosemary in the period of Lent as a symbol of remembrance and love of the death of Jesus Christ the Savior. 

Do Rosemary Plants Need Sun Or Shade?

The rosemary plant loves direct sunshine.

It thrives in full sunlight and requires between 6 and 8 hours of sunlight daily. Consider the amount of available sunlight when planting Rosemary in any location.

Rosemary cannot be grown under light shade.

This is because it is a desert-native species. During less sunny periods, it may be necessary to supplement sunshine with artificial light.

If you can only cultivate the plant in shade, make sure to offer artificial light. 

Use HID or LED lighting for the best results. Natural sunlight is often more preferable though.

With natural sunshine, you will obtain a well-balanced wavelength that will allow your plant to flourish.

Can Rosemary Plants Grow Indoors?

Yes, rosemary can be grown indoors. It thrives in peat-free and soil-based composts.

Simply ensure that you put rocks to the bottom to enhance drainage. It is also necessary to water the plant during dry periods.

And throughout the growing season, use a general fertilizer.

Also, do not forget to provide adequate sunlight for your Rosemary plant. As we mentioned earlier, the plant thrives when it gets a lot of light.

You can place your rosemary pot close to a source of light so it can drink enough sunlight to grow.

Always avoid humidity when growing your rosemary indoors.

Humidity will make your plant predisposed to powdery mildew which is not so great for the plant’s health.

You can solve this by exposing the plant to a fan for a couple of hours. 


Rosemary is a popular plant used in cooking and also for its medicinal purposes.

However, rosemary can also be used to deter pests away from the garden. That is why it is often advised to plant it as the entrance of the garden.

With its strong aroma that confuses pests, rosemary will help ensure your garden plants are safe.

Asides that, rosemary also symbolism in different cultures.

For some it a symbol of good luck, fidelity, love and remembrance. It is also used to ward off bad energy and bring in prosperity. 

Rosemary can be planted outdoors or indoors but it requires a lot of sunlight. We hope you have fun adding this beautiful plant to your garden.  

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